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Late last night as I was in prayer, I began to be taken up by the Lord so much so that it was hard to speak. My husband didn’t know I was praying at the time and walked over towards the bed and saw me kneeling on the floor as I usually do. He immediately came down and knelt with me and put his arm over me. We were listing to anointed worship that was playing violins and something was happening to us. It was almost a silent hush for a while. I began to be overwhelmed with the presence of God along with the presence of my husband as we joined our hearts together.

I began to weep and sob so much so that it felt like rivers falling from my eye that I couldn’t control. What I saw next was incredibly amazing. I kept seeing these huge wings behind us. But I knew that it had something to do with my husband. It was his governmental angels that were uniting with my governmental angels but his governmental angels were covering mine. As I was seeing this I was weeping profusely and I hadn’t said anything to my husband yet. Then I began to describe what was happening all around us.

I was cherishing the moment because I know many women long for their husbands to pray with them and yet they find themselves praying alone. I know there are husbands who long for their wives to pray with them but they find themselves praying alone. I know there are those that they weren’t married and longed to just have someone there. So as we were kneeling down together in an intimate prayer moment with God, I couldn’t help but be grateful to have a spouse who prays with me. I am very blessed.

As I was relishing in this moment, I began to see something huge going on all around us. As my husband’s governmental angels were joining mine, I felt and saw the multiplication of angels begin to form all around us. There were so many that you couldn’t count them. The head archangel, which I didn’t know who it was at that time, had his wings spread out over the both of us but I saw it as a direct effect coming from my husband as he chose to join with me in prayer. I wasn’t sure if he realized what was going on. I was hardly sure myself and trying to understand what I was seeing. I certainly felt overwhelmed and could not stop weeping because of the magnitude of the overshadowing that was happening.


I was seeing the joining of forces. How powerful it is when we pray alone with God and how powerful it is when many praying warriors gather together to pray. But I saw something huge when a husband and wife come together to pray. It was the most beautiful and most powerful thing I have seen. I knew by principle that there is power in unity but as I kept looking and gazing into what God was showing me, I saw the beautiful white wings in its purest form that was glowing with a blue like hue. I saw what looked like a strong and powerful angel that was so warlike and yet full of grace and love. I realized it was the angel, “Unity.” I hadn’t thought about angelic names in that moment but that is what came to me because of what I saw. I suppose there are more than one angels of unity but I saw the leader of the rank and he was with us just as my husband spread his arms over me in prayer, so did the angel, “Unity,” walk into our room.

The presence of God was so thick that I was just undone. The joy, the unity and the glory that filled our room was breathtaking. I really don’t even have the words to describe all that we saw and felt. We then took communion together and began to repent of many things and just love on the Lord for His goodness to us. It’s one thing to experience the glory of God with just you and God but it’s another realm when you experience the glory of God simultaneously with your spouse. I felt we were carried up into the heavens above the chaos of the world. It was just too full of glory, peace, unity and love to be anything else.

weapon_of_peace_book_cover_604x964We began to say prayers from the depths of our hearts, prayers for our marriage, our children, for our nation, for Melania and Donald Trump. Something shifted in our nation when Melania said the Lord’s Prayer during Saturday’s Melbourne rally. I will talk about that tonight on our broadcast. Be sure to tune in at 9pm EST. (www.nationalprayercall.com)

Why am I sharing this with you? What does it have to do with you, this nation or even our President? It has everything to do with all of the above. I shared this beautiful moment with you because God is releasing unity angels all over the place. He’s releasing unity angels over your marriages and your families and you take the initiative to gather with them to pray. There is a great unleashing of governmental angels called “Unity” that is not only much needed but is already being released over our nation. God is saying take your focus off of the disunity in the nation and open your eyes and see the governmental angels of unity that are present and have been dispersed and will be dispersed even more as you continue to pray.

I started to see this angel of unity over the PFT page. There is an angel called Unity that is assigned to it. How do you have 7,000 people in a group with this much unity? Sure there are some differences but what I see is a flow that comes from Heaven and the flow is present. Unity flows. It loves and prefers one another. It builds and strengthens one another and it is kind. What are the characteristics of unity? I saw it in visual form.

I believe God is encouraging all husbands and wives to answer the call to pray together in unity. There is a calling together. There are many women in this group who have husbands that do not pray with them and many men whose wives do not pray with them. Many do pray with each other, but God is saying that when you come together to pray, the governmental angel of Unity will band together with your governmental angels and they will multiply!

This banding of angels will start in the home and then it will be released to the nation. There will be a restoration of marriages and children and divisions will begin to heal. Unity will overtake the President and the First Lady as well as governmental officials. There is a battle raging and this angelic force is being mobilized as you pray. Your prayers are already manifesting results. When we unify in prayer on Monday nights or even on the posts in this group, our governmental angels of unity are banding together. The most interesting thing I saw was they multiplication effect. I had never seen that before so vividly. I think of this scripture which is the exact scripture our President quoted during his inauguration speech:

Psalm 133:1-3 Behold, how good and how pleasant it is For brothers to dwell together in unity! It is like the precious oil of consecration poured on the head, Coming down on the beard, Even the beard of Aaron, Coming down upon the edge of his priestly robes consecrating the whole body. It is like the dew of Mount Hermon Coming down on the hills of Zion; For there the Lord has commanded the blessing: life forevermore. AMP


It’s the power of unity that allows us to accomplish anything as we are united in Christ! When we are united, God commands the blessing! So much so that you will be overwhelmed that you just might weep as profusely as I did when it hits you!

I see decree the prophet’s blessing over you in Jesus name just as I have received, I give to you! ????

Reeni Mederos

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