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Reeni Mederos

Reeni Mederos

Reeni Mederos

I’ve mentioned Jeremiah 23 several times in the past couple of weeks. It is burning in my soul right now. It is something we all should take heed to. God is calling us higher in 2017 and in order for our words to have an impact for the kingdom of God, we must allow God to impact us first and restore the fear of the Lord back to the church, the Ekklēsía, back to our individual lives. We are in much need of a holy check up, a holy pruning and allow God to surround us with His fiery holy Council in Heaven so that we can hear what He wants to say, not say what we want to say. We are but the messengers and we must allow God to have His way in us and through us with the mark of humility, being teachable and pliable and demonstrating genuine godly character and spiritual maturity.

This is the bottom line. Prophets can’t just say what they want to say. Let us all take heed to Jeremiah 23:29. They have to say what God says with fear and with trembling. With humility and with transparency, being purified, transformed daily as a result of being in His presence. This is what causes the fire and the hammer to come forth. There is a price to pay.

God is talking about the result of His word coming from the Council of God (Jeremiah 23:18) from a prophet who lives in the fear and Council of the Lord. Can you imagine that? God brings you into the His Council chamber and you hear inexpressible words that make you fall flat on your face? Jeremiah was one such prophet who experienced that and who feared and trembled before the Lord and who wept over Gods people. He was so in tune with the Council of God that his words were like a fire and a hammer when he spoke them. The fear of the Lord is here right now and God is calling us to tremble in His presence. Not everyone has the privilege of entering into the Council Chamber of the Lord. You have to be invited and you have to be willing to let everything inside of you be placed on the altar. This is why we see many false prophets arising and immature prophets. But God will get our attention one way or the other.

Words of true prophets in our day should be the same as it was for Jeremiah. Full of the fear and trembling of the Lord and with such conviction that it fills us with the fire of God and penetrates our very existence. Words from a true prophet will have certain qualities that is distinguishable from all others. It is tested and tried. It convicts of sin. It exposes the inner being and resurrects the dead places. It will have been sifted by God before it is even uttered. It burns motives of the heart. It invokes self-surrender. It smashes every stubborn rebellious place. It crushes ungodly beliefs and mindsets. It obliterates religious doctrine. It cuts you to the core of your being and as a result of all of this, it brings forth much life and transformation. It subjects the soul to the Spirit. It reproduces life. It comes forth as pure as gold because it is fire, it subjects itself to fire.


Jeremiah dealt with false prophets, shepherds and civil leaders of his day. God had much to say about it in Jeremiah 23. God still has much to say about it today. When our contemporary prophets speak from their soul it brings contamination. We see this in the media but we also see this in the church and it should not be but it is. Jeremiah wept over it and we should weep over our own false leaders whether they be false prophets, false shepherds, and pastors or false political and civil leaders. We must continue to pray and build up the hedge. We must not become false ourselves with allowing our gifts to become more important than our character. Sadly, this is much of the state of the church and we each must take an evaluation of our hearts to see if they include this falseness Jeremiah 23 talks about. This is a good checkup for our souls.

What is classified as a false word? Is it based on accuracy? No. It is based on the false things of the heart and soul that have not yet been subjected to the fire of God. When it hasn’t been subjected to the fire of God in prayer and in life’s testings, this is what it produces. It is a form of divination because witchcraft is a working of the flesh. It feeds on the unregenerate soul…..the mind, the will, the emotions and even the intellect. It has no fruit except temporary gratification, the praise of men and emptiness. It contains much hype and it produces no life. It draws others to itself and feeds the god of self. It hides under the guise of self-righteousness and robs the soul of the opportunity to die to itself so that Christ can be birthed. It is defiled because it is worshiped rather than denied. Its fruit is flesh bearing and not spirit bearing. It is temporal and not eternal. It is self-gratifying instead of God pleasing. It comes from those who’d rather lift themselves up higher than lifting the Lord above their own soul. It refuses self-surrender. It is the soul that rules over the spirit. It cannot reproduce. It is counterfeit. It comes from the carnal mind and not the mind of God. It is blinding because of pride and one will say to themselves, “That’s not me. I don’t have that.” God is saying, we all do. It’s time for a check up.


If you have been blessed by our ministry, give a love offering from your heart! Thank you!

Spend some time with the Lord and allow Him to do a checkup of the heart. Ask God these questions: “What source am I speaking from? Why am I saying what I’m saying? What is my motive for saying them? Is God asking me to say this or that or am I exercising my free will to say what I want and what I think God is saying and not what I know God is saying? Ask God what you have not yet surrendered? Then surrender it. Daily. Freedom will come and your words will really be on fire!????

Love to all!

Reeni Mederos
Prophets For Trump