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Prophet Reeni Mederos

Prophet Reeni Mederos

As I was praying last night, I saw this beautiful river flowing upstream. It was a beautiful sight to see. God is saying to stop dwelling and musing over past events. Events that caused pain in your life. Events that seemingly set you back. God is the way maker and He knows how to set new rivers ahead in what seems to be a wasteland of broken dreams. God knows how to make things brand new once again. As we cast up a highway of holiness and lift our eyes to the Lord, a literal road in the desert will be formed and God will make a way for something new. It will feel like spring again. There is an evil brooding of the enemy that tries to get us to live in the past instead of living in the future so you can enjoy your present. Jesus came to give us life and life more abundantly and abundant life doesn’t come from brooding over the past. In order to be healed from the past, you have to visit the future and bring that healing into the now. The only way to get there is through heavenly places. Unless you are visiting heaven regularly, you will never experience the abundant life Jesus was talking about. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. There is a way to the truth that leads to life. He is the Gate, the Shepherd, the Way and the Waymaker. Oh, how many times do I need to be nourished from my own words, the words I receive from heaven. This is one of them. God is doing something new and sadly, there will be those that will be left behind because of the blinders upon their eyes that will keep them from seeing the new thing God is doing. It’s called the cares of this world, doubt, and unbelief. God is bigger than our pain and He’s bigger than our circumstances. Unless we stop brooding over times gone by, the veil will remain over our eyes. Newness of life is right before us but the veil of blindness will keep us from attaining it.

PRAY WITH ME:  Father, I pray that you help each person reading this post to stop dwelling on past events and brooding over times gone by as you have commanded us in Your word. You said You are doing something new and it is springing up right before our eyes, asking us if we can see it. Father, open our eyes right now in Jesus name and help us to surrender everything from the past that we have been brooding over that prevents us from drinking from the rivers you are creating in the wasteland of our circumstances. Let our praise carry us to the road you are making in the desert that is the pathway to our beautiful future and the ticket to the new things you are doing there. We are spirit beings before we are human beings. Wake us up to who we really are in you. Help us to really know what it means to live and move and have our being IN YOU! Take us to that new place in 2017 where there are rivers and gushers of living waters and adventures and times of overabundant joy. We are your children and no Daddy wants to see their children suffering or crying over dead things of the past. Help us to forget those painful memories just like little children are able to bounce back from their little boo-boo’s. Where the enemy has raped us of our joy and where we allowed in, I thank you God that you are the healer and lover of our body, soul, and spirit. We believe God! Help our unbelief. Help us to not displease you with our unbelief. You said without faith it is impossible to please God. So we renounce doubt and unbelief right now in the name of Jesus. We are to rejoice our way into 2017 and not allow ourselves to be sidetracked back into the painful past to turn into a useless pillar of salt. We are the salt of the earth. A light thatsits on a hill. We are the light of the world and you have called us to be like a beacon in the night to a lost and dying world. Help us to take our focus off ourselves and help us to have compassionate hearts to reach out to others that are suffering and have maybe gone through the same things we went through so that we can know how to help them and comfort them with the same comfort you have comforted us with. We are alive and well and as long as we live and have breath, we will praise the Lord and do what is pleasing in your site. Thank you that your yoke is easy and your burden is light. I decree that I can do all things through Christ Jesus! I am more than a conqueror because of Your love and because of the blood of Jesus! Thank you for saving my life. I give you glory and honor and praise and my life be a trophy of grace for You in Jesus name!

Isaiah 43:18-19 “Stop dwelling on past events and brooding over times gone by; I am doing something new; it’s springing up — can’t you see it? I am making a road in the desert, rivers in the wasteland.” CJB

Prophet Reeni Mederos – Founder of Prophets For Trump www.prophetsfortrump.com