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BRACE YOURSELVES❗We still have some UPROOTING and OVERTHROWING to do. It’s not over yet! We are getting closer! Sometimes I just sit back for a while and wait, I listen, I ponder. What I mostly do is I ask God questions. How must Trump be feeling about this or that. I pay attention to the tweets, the things he says during press conferences or whenever I can catch him live or on a video. I’m not watching all the time but in bits and pieces and I don’t need to watch fake news because I already know what they are doing. ???? But as I pondered some things, and this is really like a V-8 moment and really a no brainer. Wasn’t Barak Obama still in office when all of this stuff transpired about Flynn’s conversation with the Russian ambassador to the US embassy? Wasn’t it Obama that still had access to intelligence as President, the CIA, the FBI, etc? All of this happened in December? There is more to uproot here than meets the eye!
So I get a flashback of one of the very first times I ever hear Trump speak during the primaries. This is when there were 16 or so candidates running for the republican nomination. I saw Trump speaking early on during those times in late 2015, possibly an interview, and he said something was going on with Obama and something was seriously wrong (Watch his remark here: https://youtu.be/b3LIlO8YOgQ). Does anyone remember that? It was then that I felt the prophetic mantle on Trump, not only because he was calling something out on Obama, but I was feeling the same thing and he was just speaking what I was thinking. I knew he was on to something. I recognized that prophetic edge. I was like, the dude is really prophetic here. Then I later wrote the article about how Trump was a prophet in the making.
There is something going on with Obama that has yet to surface and the media keeps pushing the attention away from Obama. There is something we still don’t know. Usually in deliverance ministry, the strongman always likes to hide behind the demons that work for it. There seems to be a cover up and I feel like he’s behind this whole thing with the leaks. We already know some of it is coming from the Obama holdovers but the holdovers are branches from its own tree. Obama was President when this leak was being formed and he had access to our national security and our intelligence as the commander in chief. But look how the media pushes the attention away from Obama and onto Flynn, Trump and even KellyAnn yesterday because she said something about Ivanka’s clothing?
The strongman is hiding. But I believe Trump sees it. I believe he’s disturbed by it. I think he has seen it for a long time. I believe that whoever is tipping the press and leaking with top secret information is going to be caught and the whole world is gonna see it. It’s just a matter of time. We are seeing all this ruckus in our nation and it is time for the strongman to be exposed and expelled. YOU CAN’T HIDE FROM GOD!
I can feel the weight sometimes in prayer of the responsibility that Trump must feel. You and I get our breaks. We can turn FB and our TV’s off when we get tired of the news. But our president can’t turn it off. It’s in his face every single day. He sees things he’s probably not saying for the sake of wisdom and for the sake of our country. As transparent as he as been, there are just some things a president can’t say until it’s time to say it. I believe he knows who the mole is. His discernment will tell him. Maybe the justice department will just confirm his hunch. I pray for a speedy investigation to get this termite out of the walls of the White House.
Our President seems weighted. And if Obama or Hillary or anyone else is involved with these leaks….which is hard to believe that any of them are not, something more is driving this force. Bottom line, they don’t want to let go of the control. Obama doesn’t want to let go of control. That’s the real issue here. Where does control come from? Witchcraft and fear. This whole time they are afraid of being exposed. So as a result, there is an all out “pitching a fit” and “temper tantrum.” It’s not the protesters. We know that. The protesters are pawns that camouflage the strongman. He can’t hide. Their scheme points directly to the strongman. Sure Soros is in the mix, but so is Obama. He’s got a big hand in this.
I don’t ever remember Bush interfering with Obama’s presidency. So I’m just observing and praying in the background. This mole is going to get exposed. God didn’t bring us this far to abandon us. I knew the fake news media was going to party with this Flynn incident. It’s only a temporary gloat and then they will be choked! The exposure will intensify. I’m just probably saying what people are already thinking. But my eye is on Obama. The laser beam points to him. Keep an eye on Trump. He’s exposing. Heaven is leaking and revealing the mystery man as we continue to pray. The only difference is that the kingdom of God is about rivers and gushers of living waters. The dam is about to break. Something is about to blow. It’s gonna get blown up in their face. A dam can only hold so long when it’s leaking and has a crack in the wall. Eventually termites get exposed and exterminated when the owner of the house discovers the erosion. Trump is in the White House now. The flashlight and laser beam of the Lord is on its target. Obama maybe in the background but he and his holdovers keep revealing themselves.

God knows who it is and Gods Intercessors will expose it. Kingdom overthrow is upon us!
Keep up the fervent intercession. The enemy is afraid. Very afraid!
Hebrews 4:13 And not a creature exists that is concealed from His sight, but all things are open and exposed, and revealed to the eyes of Him with whom we have to give account. AMP
Jeremiah 1:10 Today I appoint you to stand up against nations and kingdoms. Some you must uproot and tear down, destroy and overthrow. Others you must build up and plant.” NLT
Reeni Mederos

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